most requested spots for senior photos at JMU

JMU senior sessions are some of my favorite sessions! Going to JMU myself, I have had the opportunity to walk around campus to see the good the bad and the ugly so I thought I would share.



This statue is a must have in you senior gallery. Do you remember coming to your choices event or orientation? You probably took a photo here laughing at how short the state is! Fun fact: That’s his true hight.


This is a huge one! If you didn’t get a photo in front of Wilson, did you even go to JMU?! This Is THE backdrop for all types of photos. Wilson is so versatile, you can so to the bottom of the quad and get it in the background or go super close and sit on the steps. This is the best spot for group photos!


This is my personal favorite. Hit this spot at the right time and you are in the most beautiful water falling, sun-shining, hair blowing in the breeze photo spot. This fountain is round, so you can either have Carrier Library in the background or some nice blue stone buildings. This


Out of all the photos I post from my grad sessions these seem to be the fan favorite. It’s one of the brightest places for photos, and makes the subject of the photo stand out so much. Layer on the purple gown and you are all set for being the star in your photos. This location is not ideal for large groups, I would say keep it under four people.


This one has been a little secret of mine for a while. This spot never fails to show off the detail in the grad outfit. The lighting is THAT good! This is a great spot for single portraits and headshots!

That’s my short list of places around James Madison for prime grad photos! Do you have some that you like? Let me know!

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